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Inspection & Consultation

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tile sealingOur engineers, scientists, and geologists are experts in natural stone and other installations and identifying failures relating to installations. Our clients include homeowners, commercial property owners, government, the hospitality industry, contractors, architectural and engineering firms, residential and commercial property managers, as well as insurance companies and attorneys. We provide a wide range of services, from specifying consultation and providing expert witness testimony to accident prevention and evaluation.

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When a white marble floor is turning yellow, tiles are coming loose, wall cladding is falling, or other floor and surface issues, you can look to us for answers. Whether you need confirmation to ensure you have the proper specifications, you're wondering whether flooding has ruined your floor, or you want to learn how to reduce slip and fall accidents, we routinely provide expert guidance based on many collective decades of experience.
Examination, Evaluation, and Advisory Services

We provide expert examination, evaluation and advisory services including:

  • ​Specification writing
  • Failure analysis
  • Project review and analysis
  • Surveys
  • Job problem analysis
  • Installation inspections
  • On site testing
  • ASTM testing
  • Petrographic and other laboratory testing
  •  Non-destructive testing
  • Boroscope examinations
  • Infrared thermography
  • Repair feasibility studies
  • Sample collection
  • Owner representation / supervision of installations
  • Restoration procedures/recommendations
  • Insurance claims
  • Stain removal testing
  • Façade inspections
  • Training
  • Historic preservation and conservation
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Slip / fall testing and prevention programs
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SurpHaces PRO Partner in Chicago IL

These guys do a great job! They’ve been doing our kitchen for years, and everytime the counters look brand new. They know how to fix cracks, chips and basically breathe new life into marble that’s taken a beating! I’d highly recommend them!

by Lindsey Clark, Chicago, IL
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