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Protection and Coatings

Protection and Coatings

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Floor-surface-protection-coatingsSuperior Protection

Our expertise goes beyond surface restoration and maintenance.
Our technicians are trained and certified in our high-performance coating solutions that meet a host of unique needs on various surfaces in the most demanding environments.

Developed through integral relationships with world-class chemical companies, such as Bayer, Dow Corning and Degussa, our coating solutions are environmentally friendly—they are EPA compliant, low VOC, and are water borne, as well as designed to be cleanable with hot water and cleaning agents that do not contain harsh or damaging chemicals.

In addition, these high performance specialty coatings will last for years and years, make regular maintenance a breeze, and produce beautiful results.

Addressing Your Needs

Increase Foot Traction

Everyone knows that slip resistance is closely tied to the traction or roughness of a surface, but what if you want smooth, elegant, reflective flooring? With our slip resistance treatments, you don't need to trade safety for the desired appearance of your floors.

Chemical, Stain, and Odor Resistance

Floors and surfaces are often subject to conditions that not only degrade their appearance but cause their composition to soften, swell, or lose serviceability, resulting in chemical damage, stains, and odors. Our coatings provide a protective barrier over your floors and surfaces to strengthen and shield them from further damage, as well as improve their appearance.

Anti-Microbial Properties

Microorganisms can grow on the surface of floors, countertops, walls, HVAC vents, and other areas. In certain settings, such as healthcare facilities, the growth of bacteria, fungi, and viruses can have deadly consequences. Our coatings have inherent antimicrobial properties that not only help stop the spread of disease-causing pathogens, but lower the environmental and financial impact of cleaning by reducing the amount of chemicals and cleaning time necessary to maintain facilities.

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SurpHaces PRO Partner in Chicago IL

These guys do a great job! They’ve been doing our kitchen for years, and everytime the counters look brand new. They know how to fix cracks, chips and basically breathe new life into marble that’s taken a beating! I’d highly recommend them!

by Lindsey Clark, Chicago, IL
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