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Travertine Restoration Case Study

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Client : Homeowners in San Diego
Info : Travertine stripped, repaired, polished, and sealed
Travertine floor restoration


Dull, Discolored, Flaking Travertine Finish

The owners of this home in Jamul, CA loved the idea of having beautiful travertine floors, but there were a few challenges to overcome along the way. During the installation process, an unqualified contractor installed the tiles improperly, resulting in lippage (or uneven tiles). In an attempt to correct the problem, this contractor ground the stone to make the floor level, but in the process, he damaged the beautiful finish.

Dissatisfied with the dull, low-sheen finish, the homeowners applied a topical sealer to create a higher gloss and shine on the stone’s surface. At first, the appearance of the floor improved, but with foot traffic and use, the coating became discolored and began flaking, leaving the appearance of this travertine in very poor condition. The homeowners decided enough was enough. They called the experts at Set In Stone Restoration, to resolve the problems once and for all.


Travertine Stripping, Repairing, Polishing, and Sealing

First, they removed the topical sealer using a stone-safe stripper. To correct the damage caused by the original installers, they honed the travertine using one-twenty, two-twenty, and four-hundred-grit diamond pads, which basically work on stone in the same way that sandpaper smooths wood. The professionals at Set In Stone Restoration filled the holes in the travertine with epoxy, stained to blend with the surrounding colors. To give the floor a natural, glass-like polish, they used a polishing compound to perform a mechanical polishing process, which achieves a high level of shine without coatings. Once the homeowners were completely satisfied with the high-gloss and clarity of their polished travertine, the stone restoration professional finished up by using a solvent-based, impregnating sealer.

As you can see, the outcome is impressive. These homeowners were glad that professional restoration gave them the results they wanted.

We provide a wide range of residential and commercial travertine care services, from one-time only repair and refinishing to ongoing custom maintenance. Contact us online for a consultation today.

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