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Large-Scale Natural Stone Restoration Project

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Client : Saint Paul Downtown Airport
Info : A large-scale natural stone and terrazzo restoration project
Large Scale Natural Stone Restoration

About the Facility: Holman Field Terminal

In the Holman Field Terminal at the Saint Paul Downtown Airport a large-scale restoration project was completed by Classic Marble Restoration and ABM, a regular provider of facility solutions at the airport, as part of the Twin City efforts to spruce up for Super Bowl fifty-two.

Designed by Clarence Wesley “Cap” Wigington, the nation’s first African-American municipal architect, the Holman Field Terminal is on the National Register of Historic Places.


Worn, Damaged Terrazzo and Travertine

The terrazzo floors and travertine walls in the Holman Field Terminal had not been restored since it was built in 1939. The travertine walls and stairs were dirty, stained, and showing signs of wear. When brackets on the walls were removed, unsightly holes were left behind. The terrazzo floors had a dull, blotchy appearance and were severely scratched and chipped in high-traffic areas.


Stripping, Cleaning, Repair, Refinishing, and Sealing

ABM stripped decades worth of wax coatings from the terrazzo, but the specialized restoration work was entrusted to Classic Marble Restoration.

Their technicians worked tirelessly to remove dirt and grime from the walls using a professional strength, pH neutral cleaner. They filled cracks and holes with a custom-colored polyester epoxy resin for a seamless look.

Restoration work had to be performed by hand on the travertine stairs and the curved terrazzo baseboard where the travertine wall transitioned into the terrazzo floor.

The grinding and honing process used by Classic Marble Restoration professionals removed scratches and other surface damage. Densifiers and hardeners were used to improve the ease of future day-to-day maintenance. Once their technicians achieved a beautiful, high-honed finish, the final step was to apply a sealer to inhibit staining. The sealer was burnished, so that it actually became part of the stone.

It took their crew three weeks to complete this project. The final result? A facility that looks as new and stunning as it did long ago. The skilled professionals at Classic Marble Restoration are proud that they could be a part of restoring and preserving the Holman Field Terminal, a beautiful, historic building.

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