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Hotel Window Frames Restored

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Client : Hampton Inn, Debary, Florida
Info : Non-ferrous metal cleaning, restoration, and protection
Metal Window Frames Restored

Faded, Damaged Window Frames

The metal window frames at Hampton Inn in Debary, Florida were faded from UV exposure on the north side of the building and had rust and oxidation damage from the sprinkler system on the south side of the building. During a consultation with the property manager, we explained that for a fraction of the cost of replacement we would be able to restore the original color of the frames and protect them from further deterioration. We demonstrated this by restoring one window so he could see the kind of results to expect.

However, the degree of damage on the window frames was not fully realized until new stucco and paint were applied to the building. The faded, oxidized window frames were an eyesore against the new facade. He had another look at the sample window we had restored eighteen months prior and approved a quote to have all the windows done so that his building would look fantastic and present a positive first impression to guests.

The Process

First, we prepped the window frames by removing the surface oxidation and debris, then followed up with a thorough cleaning. We then treated the window frames with a high-performance, state of the art, EPA-compliant coating that will protect the frames from UV fading and won’t trap dirt or turn yellow.

The End Result

As you can see from the before and after images, the color was dramatically restored and the property manager was very pleased. These window frames will also last longer and be easier to maintain, saving the hotel time and money in maintenance costs.

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