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Chanel Store Marble Floor Refinished

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Client : Chanel Store
Info : Marble honed, polished, sealed, grout cleaned and stained
Chanel Store Marble Floor Restoration


Scratched, Dull, and Dirty Marble Logo

Chanel is a luxury brand with an incredibly rich heritage. The sophisticated focal point of this retail space is Chanel’s iconic logo, a granite design inlayed in gorgeous marble.

Unfortunately, with heavy foot traffic, the timeless beauty of the marble had become diminished. The stone was scuffed with thousands of tiny scratches and had an overall dull, dirty-looking appearance. The grout lines were dark and prominent, detracting from the beauty of the stone.

Set In Stone Restoration accommodates customer’s schedules to avoid disrupting normal activities. The Chanel store was no exception. Technicians arrived after hours and set to work.


Marble Honing, Polishing, and Sealing & Grout Cleaning and Staining

After masking and protecting surrounding areas, technicians used a fifty grit diamond hone to virtually erase all the scratches and surface damage, taking special care to work around the decorative granite inlay. They continued with the honing process, using one-twenty, four-hundred, and eight-hundred grit diamond pads in succession, to prepare the stone for the polishing process.

Set In Stone Restoration’s polishing process is what truly enabled the natural stone in this store to convey the same vintage elegance as the Chanel product lines. Notice the glass-like quality of the polished marble and how the granite interlocking C’s have such depth and clarity.

To give the stone a more consistent, monolithic appearance, technicians cleaned and stained the grout lines.

Finally, they sealed the stone to inhibit staining.

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