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We are installing 12 X 12 travertine in a bathroom. Can you recommend sealer and cleaning products?

Q. We are installing 12 X 12 travertine in a bathroom. Can you recommend sealer and cleaning products?

A. Travertine is a great choice for your bathroom. I would like you to download and read our free Stone and Tile Care Guide. It will answer all of your questions and then some. You might also want to bookmark our website so you know where to go if any questions come up.

For sealing your stone and grout lines, use a high quality water based impregnating / penetrating sealer. For routine cleaning, spray a light mist of a neutral stone cleaner on your shower walls and wipe with a squeegee after everyone has finished showering for the day. (Stay away from products like Windex and be especially careful of any 'bathroom' cleaners.)

Our stone PROs say that if homeowners did this one thing, it would save them potentially thousands of dollars of restoration work down the line.

You can also use neutral stone cleaner on your mirrors over your travertine or other natural stone vanity tops or glass shower enclosures to avoid overspray from non-stone safe cleaners accidentally etching or damaging your stone.

If you do get soap build-up though, the soap film remover is a product homeowners, hotels, and stone professionals alike swear by.

If mold and mildew becomes a problem, try a mold and mildew stain remover. 

For your travertine floors, use diluted marble cleaner. 
Enjoy your travertine bath!

John Freitag
Technical Director
Stone and Tile PROS

The Stone and Tile School
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