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How To Maintain Newly Refinished Floors

Q. I just had my floors refinished, how do I maintain them?
A. There are several things you want to avoid when maintaining your floors, as well as some of the best practices for floor maintenance: 

Don't use stone soap.

Don't damp-mop your floor using a solution of water and stone soap. Like any other soap, stone soap will leave a hard-to-remove deposit on the surface of the stone. Stone soaps have very limited applications and, most importantly, they are not for cleaning a highly polished stone floor. Even so-called "rinse-free" stone soaps are discouraged.

Don't use improper cleaners.

Don't use any commercially available cleaner, unless its label specifically indicates that it is safe to use on natural stone. Worse yet, don't damp-mop your floor using a solution of water and vinegar. Vinegar is highly acidic and will damage the stone. 

Use pH-neutral cleaners.

Always use a pH-neutral floor detergent, opposed to using soap. When you need to do a deep-cleaning of your stone floor and grout lines, use a solution of water and heavy duty pH-neutral stone and tile grout cleaner. Be sure to rinse your floor adequately after damp mopping or else residue will build up. 

Use high-quality floor mats.

If your floor is in a foyer or any other room with direct access to the outside, do use proper floor mats. The leather or rubber of your shoes won't damage your floor, but dirt will. It is important to have efficient floor mats rather than merely "pretty" mats. Remember that it is important the you clean your floor mats often. When floor mats become saturated with dirt, sand, or water they defeat their purpose.
More advice on floor maintenance can be found in our Stone and Tile Care Guide. Your stone and tile restoration contractor can answer additional questions, as well. You can also contact us if you need a PRO. 
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