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Restoration & Repair

Don't fall for so-called restoration work that involves polishing only, or else you'll just end up with shiny scratches. From honing, polishing, and refinishing, to chip and crack repair, we provide true restoration services to make marble and other natural stone, concrete, and terrazzo look new again.

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Stripping & Cleaning

Surface experts can thoroughly strip away old coatings, waxes, and finishes from a variety of floors and surfaces, including terrazzo and concrete, deep clean and sanitize tile and grout and other surfaces, and achieve far better results than regular cleaning or janitorial services.

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Protection & Coatings

Our PROS provide a wide variety of protection services from natural stone sealers, grout sealers, and grout color sealers to protective films, epoxy coatings, state-of-the-art restorative coatings for metal, and much more. Protection and coatings make regular cleaning easier and more productive.

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Inspection & Consultation

Our experts provide a wide range of stone and tile related examination, evaluation and advisory services, from failure analysis and installation inspections to on-site or lab testing to owner representation, insurance claims, slip and fall testing and prevention programs, and much more.

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Maintenance Programs

When you switch from periodic full restoration services to a regularly scheduled maintenance program, your floors will stay looking great all the time. Our PROS can consult with you to learn your specific needs and work within your budget and schedule to perform maintenance with minimal inconvenience.

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Historic Preservation

Historic stone preservation and restoration requires a certain knowledge and skill set that goes far beyond that of the average contractor. Our vetted specialists make sure the most safe and appropriate methods will be used to achieve the best possible results, staying true to the original form and character of the surfaces.

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Do you need the advice of a seasoned expert with regard to stone, tile or other surface? A wide variety of circumstances related to stone, tile, and other surfaces can result in the need for expert consultation services.

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Expert Witness

Our experts specialize in design, specification, selection repair, restoration, maintenance and more, and can provide impartial testimony within their area of expertise about matters in dispute regarding surfaces.

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