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Draperies and Shades

Draperies and Shades

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Draperies and Shades

Professional Cleaning for Draperies and Shades

It is commonly reported throughout the industry, and confirmed through our own years of experience in the drapery cleaning business, that draperies and sheers cleaned and properly maintained will last 40 – 50% longer. Ultimately, having your draperies and shades professionally cleaned will save you time and money, and help significantly delay the cost of replacement.

Certified SurpHaces PRO Partner services may include:

  • Pre-inspection for soil, damage, or any potentially permanent stains
  • Service area preparation, such as moving furniture out of the way
  • Pre-vacuum
  • Pretreat stains and spills to emulsify problem areas
  • Soil extraction and rinse
  • Application of protective treatment (additional cost)
  • Speed drying time with blower
  • Post inspection with client to review the quality of service

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